Kate Green Therapy, LLC
Kate Green Therapy, LLC
Individual therapy for women.

You're searching for a way to feel better and live more fully. You do deserve both.

I'm so glad you found my site.  Let’s connect & find out more about you.

Counseling can help us feel more empowered in a world that feels out of control; help us learn about our strengths so we can move through overwhelm, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

I provide women with a safe and nonjudgmental space to unwind & simply be, while cultivating peace, self love, & fulfillment in their lives.

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My passion is offering women a compassionate and accepting place to safely explore emotional vulnerability and build on strengths.  Experiencing trauma and/or chronic stress can make the whole world and all of its usual responsibilities and experiences seem intimidating and exhausting.  To adapt, we often create or revert back to maladaptive ways to cope, to get by.  During stressful times, caring for ourselves, much less loving ourselves can fall by the wayside as we convince ourselves we can make it through on our own.  If you find this isn't working for you, I would love to work with you.  It takes bravery, self-compassion, and humility to reach out for help with something this personal.  You have made it this far and you are worth it.  I look forward to connecting with you and learning how to best be there for and with you as you heal and grow.

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Services & Pricing

Individual therapy for women.

  • 50 min session: $85.

  • Cash, Check, & all major Credit Cards accepted.

  • Insurance: Out of Network.



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