Kate Green Therapy, LLC
Kate Green Therapy, LLC
Individual therapy for women.

You're searching for a way to feel better and live more fully. You do deserve both.

I'm so glad you found my site.  Let’s connect & find out more about you.

Join me for a virtual Telehealth session by following this link & creating an account - it only takes a minute. Then you can schedule a confidential appointment with me that fits your schedule. All you need is a private place to talk, wifi (or data), & a willingness to grow towards the inner peace you deserve. https://kategreentherapy.mytherabook.com/account/signup

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Counseling can help us feel more empowered in a world that feels out of control; help us learn about our strengths so we can move through overwhelm, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. 

I provide women with a virtual safe and nonjudgmental space to unwind & simply be, while cultivating peace, self love, & fulfillment in their lives.

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Services & Pricing

Individual therapy for women.

  • 50 min session: $105.

  • Payments accepted: Credit Cards (HSA & all major), PayPal

  • Insurance: Out of Network. I can provide you with a superbill to submit for reimbursement or towards your deductible.


As someone who experienced a great deal of anxiety and trepidation regarding the idea of seeking out counseling, I could not be more pleased with my decision to start therapy with Kate. She offers a safe environment for clients to share their feelings and begin their journey towards healing. Kate embodies the fundamental traits that are essential to being a trustworthy confidant, including empathy, dependability, compassion, and patience. Since beginning therapy with Kate, I have progressed significantly towards becoming happier and healthier in all realms - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kate provides a foundation that enables her clients to grow and supplies them with the tools to improve any aspect of their lives that they might be struggling with.

I was incredibly fortunate to have found Kate’s business card at my favorite coffee shop. Since my first session, Kate has been empathetic, patient, and kind; her space has always been welcoming and warm. With her guidance, the ups and downs of daily life are not as impossible as they once were, and thoughts of the future are no longer unbearable. Kate has provided me with the tools to improve my well being, and has empowered me to find the strength within myself to keep going.



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Licensed in Missouri (2017013158).

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